Who Uses Bots To Grow Instagram Accounts?

Its True Some Businesses Are Using Instagram Bots To Build Thier Businesses

Social media is a place where anyone can be anybody, the fake profiles are out of control and you could almost have your identity taken from you if you are careless with your access. One platform that is growing as a concern of fake profiles and bot traffic performing a number of daily engagement tasks is Instagram. We wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts on how this platform is being used for the wrong things and what you should consider if you want to do IG (Instagram) the right way.

Viral media, viral posts and viral news are all huge revenue generators for who ever is the originator of the source of the viral content.Content creators can be very well rewarded especially if what they create goes viral. This is where the start of popularity manipulation started to go down a rabbit hole of bots, automation, scripts and multiple accounts per person.

Update: Instagram has now removed the actual like count from posts in the newsfeed. This comes to try to stop the popularity snowball effect. This is where a post that has more likes will continue to get more traction. Why? well because people will be people and like what other people will like, because a post has 1,000,000 likes on it. Removing the like counter on posts makes people have to focus more on what the post is about instead of liking the post because of its high like count.

Finding it too hard to compete with competitors? Try advertising on Instagram.

What you may not realise is that all the world’s biggest, most successful companies are using similar tactics to propel their accounts further and attract more and more engagement on IG. In 2015, Amazon spent US$2.8 Billion on digital marketing, according to PR Newswire. Now we don’t all have a few billion to spend, and you may be looking for a more cost-effective way to help grow your business’ Instagram account – cue the rise in a large number of websites offering ‘Instagram Bots’ or the opportunity to purchase followers, likes and comments on your social media platforms for as little as $10 a month.

We all want to save where we can but $10 a month to have someone you dont know run automated bot engagement on your profile. This just screams risky and short term.

When you take this risk please do consider the following account precautions:

  • Do they really care about the safety of your account?
  • Do they know your target audience?
  • Do they know the messaging and tone of your brand?
  • Will they provide support when your accounts is flagged as showing unusual activity?

Could this be a better option than paying for Instagram marketing, or putting in the hours of work yourself? we would say probs, not my friends. The sellers of these bot programs work on churn and burn and large scale acquisition. Not a good business model when you are trying to grow your own long-time business social properties.

You could work with professionals to help your social media strategy for the long term.


Instagram Bots – The Rise of Automation Tools

There are a number of businesses that were manipulating the IG algorithm by hitting their posts with like after like, this was from employees, friends, families and multiple accounts. This is time-consuming and not scalable for them if they posted 3-5 times per day. This business could then link up with a bot farm or click farm where there are masses and masses of smartphones that simulate human behaviour to get their posts more likes and accounts more follows. When the Instagram algorithm would register this engagement it would push the post more and more until it would be generating a large number of likes daily. In reality, this is quite unfair to the other platform users.

You can now pay for Instagram bots, automation tools designed to help mimic real Instagram activity. Whether you want to admit it or not, your social capital is directly influencing your ROI: in fact, more than 74% of customers rely on social media to guide their purchasing decisions. As humans, we place a great amount of trust in peer reviews, ratings and companies with a greater social media following. Social media gives brands a chance to interact directly and immediately with their customers, in turn giving you the opportunity to build trust with your consumers. But what if you don’t have a great social media presence?

Instagram robots are designed to help you perform actions such as following, liking and commenting on other Instagram accounts automatically. These are actions most Instagram users perform on a daily basis and can help you to build and maintain engagement with other accounts – but it’s also really time-consuming. If you purchase an Instagram bot, it does all the work for you. Now, if you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true, you’re probably right.

Instagram bots explicitly violate Instagram’s Terms of Use, which state:

You must not access Instagram’s private API by means other than those permitted by Instagram. Use of Instagram’s API is subject to a separate set of terms.

Within it’s API Terms, automated bots violate the following:

  1. Don’t store or cache Instagram login credentials.
  2. Don’t use the Instagram API to simply display User Content, import or backup content, or manage Instagram relationships, without our prior permission.
  3. Ensure your comments are uniquely tailored for each person. Don’t post unauthorized commercial communication or spam on Instagram.
  4. Don’t enable a business to take more than one action on Instagram at a time.
  5. Add something unique to the community. Don’t use the Instagram APIs to replicate or attempt to replace the functionality or essential user experiences of Instagram.com or any of Instagram’s apps.


Despite this, if you search ‘Instagram bots’ in your search engine, it’s highly likely you’ll see plenty of websites out there offering up their services. So you’re probably wondering – can you get caught by Instagram using a bot – and more importantly, will a bot help you improve your ROI? again probs not.

Do These Instagram Robots Work?

Most Instagram bots follow the same pattern: they follow accounts as you, like posts as you, and comment on posts as you. Depending on how savvy you are in choosing the hashtags for the bots to target and the comments you write, there is evidence that you can gain some success using them. However, they can also heavily clog your newsfeed with random accounts the bot has followed, and essentially drown out all the accounts you may want to keep tabs on.

You will gain followers using Instagram bots. But, it is likely you will be lacking in engagement. Engagement is just as equally an important part of building your Instagram ‘community’ with accounts who support your brand and content, and you’ll find that if you are a bot, generally, you’ll attract bots. You may get comments on your content, but it’s likely most of them will be from other accounts using Instagram bots and at the end of the day, that’s not going to help your business grow!

Can You Get Caught Out Violating Instagram’s Terms of Use?

In short, yes. Instagram is constantly improving its processes to ensure that websites and accounts who violate its Terms of Use are penalised. One of the most popular bot websites, Instagress, recently experienced this first hand (and they no longer exist). Instagram has sophisticated tracking measures that know when a bot is at work, and they can lock or shut down accounts they believe to be acting in a ‘suspicious’ manner. You may have to reset your password, wait 24 hours for your account to be reactivated, be banned from posting or commenting, or, in a worst-case-scenario – may delete your Instagram account altogether.

Early in 2017, Instagram introduced its latest penalty: shadowbanning. Whilst Instagram has not acknowledged a shadowban, it has been widely accepted by industry experts that there is some kind of penalty in place for accounts using bots, and excessive use of hashtags. Shadowbanning refers to Instagram reducing or completely removing your visibility, without letting you know about it. You will not be able to tell that you are the victim of a shadowban from your own account, but to accounts who do not follow you – you will become invisible.

What Can You Do Instead To Help Grow Your Social Media Accounts?

Instagram’s response to complaints and questions has been this: they advised their users to be more creative and unique, post good content, tell stories and build a strong growth strategy, without using bots, automation or focusing on hashtags. Does this sound like a lot of hard work to you? Read on.

Option 1 You can run paid advertising on IG. This gives you more control over who sees your ads, targeting, and scheduling.

Option 2 This is heavily focused on a content strategy for providing value that people will actively follow.

Good content is never the same as great content. What’s the difference you might ask, well good content is watched or read once and forgotten where great content is something you share with your friends or repost with your own little message added. If you want to make great content you will have a great profile and have real engagement and real connections that bots and automation just can’t replicate.

We would suggest taking a step back from the platform and taking some time to plan your goal. If you have a goal to reach you can map out a path to get there if you don’t have a goal why are you even using Insta? serious questions time.

As a business you should be asking yourself some real questions around your why:

  • Are you just using Instagram because your competitors are?
  • Are you just using Instagram because your website had a IG profile icon?
  • Are you just using Instagram to see how it goes?
  • Are you working towards something by posting weekly?
  • Do you have a plan for when people want to learn more about what you post and who you are?

All relevant questions to ask especially for business owners who may not really understand Instagram. We find a lot of business owners dont really know Instagram that well but are happy for someone in the office ususlaly a receptionist or the office tech guy to manage the IG account of the business. Thats good to have someone manage it, but its not great!

As a business that wants to get more from its social platforms you should give Instagram more than a passing thought. It could be one of your most profitable traffic channels.You dont always need to understand it to leverage its potential, by working with an agency you can have your team trained on how best to use the platform or you can have a done for you service where the agency manages your profile.
instagram and facebook profile management trainingWe often run workshops with clients and potential clients to help educate on topics of interest.


How Do Internet Marketing Services Help?

If you’re serious about growing your social media accounts, but are unsure on where to start, how to create a ‘growth strategy’ or don’t have the time to be creating awesome content – digital and internet marketing services can help. As a business, having social media accounts with a decent following can and will improve your ROI by increasing your sales, online visibility and, if you have engaged followers, create a sense of brand loyalty and trust.

Instagram marketing services can help you to establish a solid platform growth strategy, posting calendar, create advertisements that fit with your brand and style, and help manage your online reputation. If you’re looking to help grow your social media channels without using robots, take advantage of Be Media’s 30-minute strategy session to find out how we can help improve your ROI.

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