At Be Media, we use a wide range of SaaS products that are intended to keep everything running smoothly while improving the overall productivity of the team. G Suite is definitely one of the products that we can’t live without. We can immediately say that it is the best email solution right now on the market for any business.

For this blog, we will have a look at the amazing features and benefits that you can get when using G Suite for your needs.

What is G Suite?

Formerly known as Google Apps, G Suite is a suite of smart apps from the search engine giant that provides email hosting for businesses primarily. Aside from that, it also provides other features and apps that can be quite useful. It’s possible that you might have already used a few of them in the past. We work every day in Google and on Google platforms, the natural progression was to incorporate the Google toolkit into our business and it has been such a welcome change.


Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms today holding more than 25% of the market share. This comes as no surprise since the client has been around since 2004 and now has more than 1.2 billion users. You might be using Gmail or have an account there right now. When using G Suite, you get an improved version that is free of ads as well.

G Suite will basically let your employees have their own email accounts with email addresses that have your business domain name included. An example could be For those with really small businesses that have just a couple of users, using a free account in Gmail might be alright. But when you’ve hired more than ten employees, you will need multiple accounts that have to be separately managed as well.

Google Calendar

This is one of the most important apps that many businesses can take advantage of in G Suite. Many people rely on this to schedule meetings, calls and other agendas while setting reminders and due dates for crucial timelines. With Google Calendar, you can keep your entire schedule organised quite easily and conveniently.

Among the cool features that you can get when using Google Calendar with G Suite is that it will let you create several calendars that can be accessed by all of your employees. For example, you could have a calendar that will show all of the upcoming events and meetings with your team. If you want all of your employees to be more attached to your organisation, then accomplishing such tasks will be made easier thanks to G Suite.

We absolutely depend on Google calendar for scheduling meetings among offices and departments.

Google Drive

This is the primary storage solution that Google has to offer and it will let you keep, access and share files all in a secure location. Once you’ve set up your own drive, you can have access to it through any device. The G Suite Basic plans will come with a standard 30GB of max storage for each employee. The Business, Enterprise and Teams plans will give unlimited storage so people will always have the space they need for their documents. Keep in mind that smaller teams will only get 1TB per user if they have less than five users in total.

The search functionality that Google Drive provides is perhaps one of the best things that many people like about it. This feature is quite handy since it will not only let you search for documents by names or dates, it will even do a search based on the content inside of it. This means that people can quickly find what they need no matter how their Google Drive is organised.

Google Sheets and Google Docs

These two are pretty straightforward tools and we at Be Media use them on a daily basis. Google Docs will let you create and modify text documents while Google Sheets will let you have spreadsheets directly on your browser. You can import documents directly here so you can edit them right away including files with extensions docx, .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods. It is also possible to comment and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents without having to convert them to the Google format first.

Furthermore, exporting to common third-party formats is possible. This will allow users to collaborate with others quite easily and have files sent back and forth without having to download or install additional software. If you speak to our SEO team they swear by the sharing function of Google sheets for working together on large projects. In Microsft Excel you just do not get the collaborative features.

Among the best features that Google Sheets and Docs offer are the unlimited storage versions and comments that can be made in real-time. The older versions can be kept indefinitely and will not count towards total storage. This will make it quite easy to keep track of changes that are made to a document or to undo an error. It will also be very easy to share documents with colleagues and other people this way.

Google Keep

Many people are not aware of this app, but our digital sales team makes good use of Google Keep. For those looking for an alternative to Evernote, this one from Google is a great choice. It is a nifty little tool whether you plan to use it personally or with G Suite involved. Since it is a product of Google, it will work seamlessly within its own ecosystem.

A good example of its use is that it will let you keep all those commonly asked questions that you keep getting from your customers in one location. You can create notes, to-do lists and reminders to stay updated. What’s even better is that it will sync perfectly throughout various devices, so the important things you need is always within your reach. You can quickly share items with your colleagues and have them archived when done and use Google’s search to find all of your notes.

G Suite Admin Console

The G Suite Admin Console lets users manage everything in one place easily. It had a recent overhaul and has proven to be a lot better than how it was with Google Apps previously. With this, you can do things such as add new users and groups, configure settings for security, input new custom business domains, manage devices and much more. The majority of these features will have to be enabled by an administrator in G Suite for them to be used. You might also find some of these in higher plans only. A “not available” message will show if the feature has not been enabled when a user tries to open it.

Additional Features

Google Hangouts Chat – If you have heard of Slack before, this feature from Google is basically its equivalent. The app features a dedicated group workspace that will let you chat with groups or with each individual. Conversations can be made more efficient by interacting straight with 3rd party apps and Google bots. You can take advantage of Hangouts for free with any G Suite plan. The Social Media Marketing team needs constant information about live streams, feeds and updates and chat provides the open communication for them to work at great speeds.

Google Hangouts Meet – Video calls and conferencing can be made easier thanks to this app. It is fully connected to G Suite, so people can join any meeting straight away from their Calendar event or an email invite. For those using the G Suite enterprise version, it is possible to use dial-in numbers for users who are travelling or don’t have Internet access.

Google Slides – For those looking for a nice alternative to the Microsoft Powerpoint, this is the app for you. Similar to other products, it will be possible for users to interact and collaborate in real-time here and take advantage of an unlimited version history.

Mobile Management – If you want to make sure company data doesn’t get leaked when stolen, then using mobile management is what you need. Users will be able to remotely get rid of any G Suite data from connected devices whenever they wish using this feature.

For G Suite Business and Enterprise Users

Cloud Search – If you are looking to take your search capabilities to a higher level, the Cloud Search feature from the Business and Enterprise plans will let you search the content of your company using G Suite. Whether you need to access Drive, Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Calendar or Slides, you can do so with this Cloud Search capability.

Vault – This app will let you oversee, search, export and retain any email, file content in Google Drive or chat records within your organisation. It is possible to archive the data and then set retention policies here.

The Deeper Benefits of G Suite

Having read all about G Suite, let’s take a look at the deeper benefits that the platform has to offer for business owners today.

Email Hosting

Choosing a host for your emails isn’t something we’d recommend to people who are using the same company for their WordPress hosting. Take a look at the summary as to why below:

  1. When you use your host, you will be tied down to the IP addresses that have been configured for you by your host in terms of outgoing mail. In case of a problem, such as a spamming client, it is possible that the IP address used might be blacklisted for being spammy. You’re left up in the air without any control on the situation for such cases.
  2. The issues with deliverability are perhaps one of the major problems when you rely on your emails with your WordPress host. By using G Suite, it will let you authenticate any outbound mail by using SPF and DKIM records which can impact any spam rating positively.
  3. You might encounter server resource issues when you choose to send emails through your WordPress host. By having to offload them to a reliable third-party such as G Suite, you don’t have to worry about this.
  4. It is always a good thing to spread your services through multiple providers. Experts recommend separating the DNS, email and WordPress hosting to different agencies. That way if anything happens, you will still keep your other services working.

Ease, Compatibility and Familiarity

Another amazing benefit in choosing G Suite for your company is that the majority of your employees are already familiar with using products such as Google Docs and Gmail for their processes. This will make the transition a lot easier and will also make sure that there isn’t any time wasted in explaining to the newly hired individuals on how to use your company’s tools.

G Suite is also known to be a very compatible platform when used on mobile devices. You can try it out and use it right now! For those who already have a personal Gmail account, things are made even easier by Google with a one-click switch that will let you move to different accounts when needed.


Google is known for its reliability having a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its G Suite and has even exceeded this rating in the past years. Since email is a very important aspect in many companies, there are no scheduled maintenance or downtimes associated with G Suite. All of the data centres they are using are built with infrastructure that is redundant.

Although they cannot be 100% available at all times just like any other service out there. That is why you can keep an eye on the G Suite status dashboard to get updates for all of their services.

An Affordable and Flexible Solution

There are some providers today that can give a much cheaper alternative than G Suite. However, the business email of your company is not something that you should spare a buck for. Having a reliable email host that can help you move forward can actually give you more savings in the future.

It is also possible to choose a discounted rate by going for a yearly subscription. You can get as much as a 20% savings with an annual subscription compared to the monthly ones. The great thing about this is that you can still get billed every month for your yearly subscription if this is what you’d prefer.

Quite a Secure Platform

Since it is built on the Google Cloud Platform, G Suite provides its users with the top security that they can get on the market today. There are many major companies that rely on it right now such as Verizon, HP, Whirlpool and even Salesforce. Google even informs the public that they are leading with a mindset focused on security first. They possess industry expertise and knowledge which backs all of their products including G Suite.

Take a look at some examples of how G Suite can protect you:

G Suite Admin – Provides the administrator with the power to take control of how data is being protected, check reports and even manage mobile devices remotely. Administrators on G Suite will disallow employees the ability to turn on apps that it considers less secure.

TLS Encryption – There is email encryption provided for incoming and outgoing mail.

Assessments, Audits and Certs – There are several third-party audits being done on G Suite regularly.

Retention of Data – You can take advantage of G Suite’s ability to archive, retain, export and search data throughout various storage locations.

Privacy – Google won’t be scanning, collecting or making use of your data in G Suite services for the purpose of advertising. You won’t be seeing any ads on your G Suite products as well. If it’s your data, then it will remain yours.

Transparency – You can get transparency reports provided by Google which are done to keep you informed.

How to Switch to G Suite

We highly recommend using G Suite especially when it comes to email hosting and the other tools it provides, and this is also what we recommend to our customers. G Suite comes with a 14-day free trial so you won’t have to commit to anything if you aren’t satisfied. Onboarding with the platform is also very easy.

Here’s what you need to do to make the switch:

Step 1 – Sign up for the free 14-day trial for G Suite.

Step 2 – Get your account activated by singing into the Google Admin Console. Make sure you are signing in with the email and password you used for G Suite.

Step 3 – Click on the “Start Setup” in the Admin console and then launch the setup wizard. For your team members to start using the apps, you will first have to give them their own email address for your domain. You can add users whenever you need to.

Step 4 – Verify your own domain via the Admin console by following the steps provided. There is a verification code that will let you add to your domain settings or website. You can expect clear instructions with Guiste for almost any DNS provider or registrar on how to accomplish this.

Step 5 – Lastly, you can check out the quick start guides for G Suite that will help you set up any additional apps that you might need such as Google Calendar, Google Drive and more.


As seen above, G Suite is a really amazing solution that any business should take advantage of when they need email hosting and basically an all-in-one location for all of their documents. It is very easy to use, flexible and affordable for businesses too. Many employees are also familiar with Gmail so the learning time required would be minimal.

When we first made the switch the speed of the agency team picking up the inner workings of each platform was seamless and we actually saw an increase in productivity and collaboration. Now we couldn’t do what we do at this scale without the features G Suite provides.

For those who are just getting started with G Suite, we highly recommend that you subscribe to their blog to get news on any new features and releases that they make. Knowing Google the next change in the platform is on the horizon.

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